How to participate

You can directly register yourself if you’re an aspiring athlete or contribute by nominating an aspiring athlete for the initiative. You can also become a part of ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ simply by donating shoes, clothes and more for the kids who are in need of these resources.

A little step of yours can make someone’s dream a reality, so don’t wait!


To refuel and replenish the dreams of young aspiring athletes by providing a support and training platform & the necessary resources they need to succeed

"AB DAUDEGA HINDUSTAN" is an initiative by Dabur Glucose-D that aims at providing aspiring athletes an opportunity to achieve their dreams of becoming a true athlete and represent our nation on the global stage one day. Through this initiative it is our endeavour to find our nation's "rising stars" in "track & field" by tapping into the untapped reserves of athletic talent in India.

About ab DAUDEGA Hindustan

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Millions are supporting Ab Daudega Hindustan. Are you?

Join your hands with the entire nation and pledge your support towards making an aspiring athlete’s dream a reality. Give them the platform they deserve to make it big and represent India at the global stage. They’ve got the talent and the determination, now all they need is your support.


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