Jainabaj: Ready, Set and Go!

By Ishita | 25 Aug 2016

Being the son of a tailor, Jainabaj wasn’t born with a silver spoon but his talent made up for what he lacked in resources. His talent was that he could run fast – very fast. Brought up in the dingy lanes of Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar, his life changed when he won the 400 meters race at Dabur Glucose D’s ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ event.

Jainabaj’s face was awash with joy as he clutched his gold medal. Only a few could tell that behind his victorious face, there was a moving story of unparalleled hard work and fierce grit waiting to be told. He was just like any other fifteen year old before his physical training instructor in school, Ramesh Dahiya urged him to participate in the zone level racing competitions. He agreed to participate and went on to win three medals in the zonal competitions. This encouraged him to take his winning streak forward by honing his skills.

Seeing his incredible talent at the Annual Summer Athletic meet in Delhi, sports coach Sunita Rai decided to take him under her wing to give proper training to excel further. Not only did she train him to perform better but supported him financially and motivated him to practice harder. He practiced day in and day out, and defied all odds that tried to keep him down. His ultimate test as a racer came when he was shortlisted in the final round of Dabur’s nationwide talent hunt ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’. Competing in the 400 meters category, he knew that he had to beat some of the fastest racers of the country but he knew that he had to be at his best. He ran like there’s no tomorrow and emerged as the winner of this prestigious race.

The hunger that ruled the early years of his life was the fuel that powered him to win this medal. He considers the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt his idol and wishes to take his winning streak forward by representing India at international tournaments.