Ujala: A dream that wouldn’t die

By Ishita | 25 Aug 2016

We only see victories and often overlook what goes into making a champion. A sixteen year old spirited sprinter from Rampur, Ujala, has numerous victories to her name but only few know of her extraordinary story. Born into a family of farmers, her parents couldn’t afford to send her to the stadium for training so she took to the dusty lanes of Rampur to practice running.

Her biggest source of inspiration and constant support was her elder sister, a track and field athlete herself. Her sister gave up her own dream of becoming an athlete and took up a job as a yoga instructor to provide financial aid to help Ujala receive proper training. They moved to Muradabad and Ujala started training at the Sonakpur stadium under the aegis of her coach Randeep Singh.

She faced many struggles during her training; from battered shoes to agonizing physical pain but her spirit remained unfazed. Her biggest support in these trying times was her elder sister and Her big break came when she was shortlisted among thousands of kids to compete in the final round of Dabur Glucose D’s nationwide talent hunt ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’. She recalls her experience in Delhi as something she would cherish for the rest of her life. Interacting with Arjuna awardee, Ashwini Nachappa, during the mentoring session conducted at the event venue inspired her to put in all her strength in racing.

Ujala’s moment of glory came when she finished first in the 2000 meters race organised as a part of Dabur Glucose D’s campaign ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ for underprivileged kids. She considers this victory an important milestone in helping her achieve her dream of becoming a national level athlete. Ujala’s story is proof that no matter the difficulties, hard work and perseverance always bear fruit in the end.