Vikas: Where there is a will, there is a way

By Ishita | 25 Aug 2016

Champions are made of sweat and blood, there’s no better example of this proverb than Vikas, a seventeen year old sprinter from Sonipat. Son of a poor car driver, Vikas, knew that the path to achieving his dream was strewn with numerous difficulties. As his family struggled to make ends meet he was often told to give up racing to help his father with work. He never let the constant nagging and pressure to leave racing get the better of him.

He was determined to hone his skills and he came all alone to Delhi to receive proper training. His coach, Sunita Rai, turned out to be the driving force he needed in his life to strengthen his belief in his goal. He didn’t have the means to afford a proper diet and necessary equipment needed for gruelling practice sessions. Such was his dedication that he ran for miles every day sometimes even on an empty stomach. His coach encouraged him to participate in Dabur Glucose D’s campaign ‘ Ab Daudega Hindustan’ for underprivileged athlete.

All his life he had been in search of a platform which recognises his talent and helps him pursues his dream of being a national level athlete. This race was his one shot at achieving all that he has ever desired. The talented athlete left no stone unturned in preparing himself for this extremely important race. The fateful day arrived and as the guns blazed to signal the start of the race, Vikas ran like there’s no tomorrow. As he reached the finish line first, he realised that the moment he has been toiling so hard for has arrived. He emerged the winner in the 1000 meters category and his happiness knew no bounds as he fondly kissed his gold medal. His dedication turned all the adversities into another finish line and silenced all the voices that once told him to do something ‘useful’ instead of racing.