Dabur Glucose-D ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ Report

By Ishita | 25 Aug 2016


The birth of ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’

Athletics in India has always suffered from neglect due to our country’s rather universal obsession with cricket. While cheering avidly for our national cricket team, we tend to forget about other sports, which also have equally hardworking and talented sportsmen and sportswomen striving to make India proud.

Indian athletes have time and again given the country cause for great celebration with their incredible achievements on various international platforms. Milkha Singh, PT Usha, Anju Bobby George are names which make us feel an immense sense of pride. Unfortunately, India rarely produces athletes of such caliber and there is a dearth of medals from this sport. But the reason for such a shortage is not the lack of talent available in India, but our failure as a nation to identify and nurture such talent. Professional training and adequate infrastructural facilities also remain largely inaccessible to most athletes because of the large financial undertaking, which sadly only privileged ones few can afford.

Sayali Mhaishune is one such aspiring young athlete among thousands of children of our country. She is a sprinter who won her maiden U-17 gold medal in a district level sports championship despite facing difficulties. The daughter of a humble cobbler, her family did not have enough money to buy her spikes. But determined to participate and not let any adversity break her spirit, she decided to run barefoot. Her determination gave the courage to run barefoot in the competition and even win it. Sayali proved herself to be no ordinary child just like hundreds of other who have the talent and the motivation to make it big in the world of sports, but are left behind for the lack of support or guidance. In a country of over a billion population, it pains to see our young talent going to waste just because they do not get the right platform to showcase their talent and fulfill their dream. Many of these young kids have it in them to become the next Milkha Singh or PT Usha of the country only if they got the support required to hone their skill and professional training that would take their talent in the right direction.

Dabur Glucose-D has always supported the cause of athletes. As a drink directed at providing the much needed energy every athlete requires while playing a sport, Dabur Glucose-D’s main aim is to reach out to the sports people in every possible way. When team Dabur Glucose-D discovered Sayali’s story, it felt inspired and at the same time compelled to pick up the mantle of improving the state of athletics in India. Thus, ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ was conceived with the goal of providing young athletes from grassroots level with an opportunity to achieve their dreams of becoming professional athletes and representing India on a global platform. A nationwide talent hunt was conceived as part of the plan to take ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ to every nook and corner of the country and unearth hidden talent that could become India’s hope at various international championships. Team Dabur Glucose-D was proud of associating itself with a cause that was aimed at fulfilling the dreams of young and aspiring athletes and in return give India its next rising super athletes. Celebrated Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan has had a long association with Dabur and when he discovered Dabur Glucose D’s bid to support the young athletic talent of India, he lent his support to this noble cause by becoming the ambassador of ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’.

The journey towards hunting the right talent was not an easy one. Months of strategic planning led to designing of the country wide campaign aptly named ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan.’ The idea was to inspire young India to come out and showcase their running talent, get found and realize their dream of getting trained professionally to achieve their dream of becoming a professional athlete. The campaign reached out to people through ever medium possible. Radio, Television, Social Media, Website…every medium used to get the word out there and encourage the best of the talent from the country to come out and make the campaign a success. Here is a detailed report on the mediums used and the impact the campaign ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ created in the media world.



The website was created for the ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ initiative to generate awareness about the same as well as engage the audience. Nominations for participation to the event were called through the website, and the detailed website played a major role in creating a strong impression among the netizens. The website provides all the important details regarding the initiative including registration & nomination procedure, the vision behind the campaign, the people associated with it, and everything one would want to know about Dabur Glucose-D etc.

The response to the participation drive through the website we got was overwhelming and got the campaign kick started in the best possible way. Here is a snapshot of the impressions made through the website:

The engagement from the website was quite impressive with nearly 65,000 sessions and 39,000 users.


Registration & Entries

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram were used to leverage the youth and catch their attention. Since the ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ event was aimed at children between the ages of 12 to 17, social media buzz was required to catch the attention of the TG.

Nominating someone who people thought was deserving enough to participate in the event was another interesting feature the website offered. This was introduced to reach out to those who had the talent but not the means of knowing how to go about things. People were encouraged to nominate children of their domestic and other help or anyone they thought was talented enough to become an athlete using the ‘Nominate’ option and make ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ a nationwide success.

Rightly so, a total of 7432 registrations were received from across India.

The response from the country was so overwhelming that the deadline for registrations was also extended past the original date in order to give everyone a chance to become a part of ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’.

A post on Facebook as well as Twitter was published to thank the country and show appreciation for the overwhelming response to registrations and the display of support for ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’.

A post on Facebook as well as Twitter was published to thank the country and show appreciation for the overwhelming response to registrations and the display of support for ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’.


Pre-Event Social Media Campaign:

A number of campaigns were run across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in order to generate buzz around ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ and engage the target audience to make the initiative reach as many people as possible.



Since ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ called for the participation of children between the ages of 12 to 17, Facebook was an integral part of catching their attention as well as their parents’ since 90% of its users are from the age group of 13-45.

A number of campaigns were run on Facebook that celebrated the spirit of being an athlete. From revealing ‘did you know’ facts about famous athletes to talking about running and its importance in our everyday life, the ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ page on Facebook was inundated with interesting posts and creatives related to the sport .

  • A campaign was designed and run on Facebook which aimed at inviting the country to participate and nominate contestants for ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ as well as show their support for the cause. The posts which were created carried motivational messages and urged the audience to become a part of changing young lives. The campaign was a tremendous success with the album receiving more than 1,400 likes on Facebook.
  • The campaign talked about the importance of the right talent getting the right platform. It talked about the need for people to dream and achieve it to. It talked about the need the country has right now of having the right skill and talent but not enough training grounds that can motivate and encourage athletes to go ahead, give it their all and live their dreams.

    Snapshots From The Facebook Campaign:


    Facebook Campaign

    The album was received well by the audience and was shared across by enthusiastic followers.

  • In order to get the country excited about athletics and running in particular, a series of posts titled #DidYouKnow were created. The idea behind this was to generate an interest about the sport in the days leading up to the final event. This was done by designing visually engaging posts which listed unusual and interesting facts about running that most people are not aware of. Lesser known facts about accomplished popular sportsmen and sportswomen such as Milkha Singh and Mary Kom were also shared to stir support for athletics.

    The ‘Did You Know’ property talked about facts related to running and famous athletes.


    Running And Famous

  • Promoting Dabur Glucose-D as athletes drink:
    The various benefits that Dabur Glucose-D offers to sportspersons, especially athletes were highlighted in a series of posts titled ‘Why Glucose-D?’ These included posts on Glucose-D’s ability to instantly replenish energy, its nutritional qualities and benefits etc. The aim was to educate the target audience about why Dabur Glucose-D is the perfect choice for them.

    Running And Famous

  • Getting inspired from everyday people:
    Inspiring stories and achievements of ordinary people related to running were also shared under the headings of #MyStory and #GetInspired. This was done in order to get people excited about running as well as to inspire them to start running themselves. The goal was also to make them realize the hard work and dedication that athletics requires so they could appreciate the sport and its sportspersons.

    Everyday People

  • When Ajay Devgn extended his support for ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’: Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan, who happened to be the face of Dabur Glucose-D, also wholeheartedly supported the ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’. From constantly urging his fans to support the drive through Twitter to sending out encouraging and congratulatory messages to participants and winners on Facebook; his unflinching support gave the initiative a nationwide boost.

    Ajay Devgn


The Social Media Stats:

As a result of the innovative campaigns that we ran across Facebook, these posts collectively reached 5,89,874 number of people with and successfully engaged more than 6,51,197 number of people across the country.

  • Short videos featuring Ajay Devgan and Sayali Mhaishune, who are the face and ambassador of ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ respectively, were shared with the audience on Facebook. These video snippets contained information about the initiative, invited people to pledge their support for the same as well as register themselves.

These video promotions on Facebook had a reach of 1,967,600 with a total of 8,96,290 impressions, thus becoming another facet of ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’s’ successful social media campaign.

  • Carousel ads were also run on Facebook to increase awareness about ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’.



Twitter is another social media platform where the youth of India is extremely active in terms of sharing information and opinions with over 22.2 million Indian users. Hence, promotional activities were run on this platform with the aim of generating as much awareness about ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ as possible.

  • Influencer activity was run with Deepa Kamakar, who is the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for the Olympics. During that hour, Dabur Glucose D was trending at the 2nd position on twitter.
  • Influencer activity was also run with Sayali Mhaishune, the face of ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’. During that hour, Dabur Glucose D was again trending at the 2nd position on twitter.
  • The posts which were shared on Facebook were also shared on Twitter to maximize their reach across all platforms.

An impressive total of 3,83,885 people were reached and 4335 impressions were noted on Twitter as a result of the promotional campaigns run on this platform.



Videos were actively uploaded on Youtube which featured actor Ajay Devgan as well as Sayali Mhaishune. They covered Sayali’s inspiring story and her journey, invited to public to join and support the initiative as well featured the making of ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’.

As a result of the promotion on Youtube, 10,74,207 impressions were recorded with a total reach of 1,76,594.



The two day final event of Dabur Glucose D ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ was hosted at the Commonwealth Games Village in New Delhi on the 23rd and 24th of June. 300 participants were shortlisted to compete in the final races out of the thousands of applications which had been received from across the country. These contestants were selected on the basis of their performance and potential which was determined by looking at their best time, certificates, etc.

The first day opened with the shortlisted participants and members of team Dabur gathering at the Commonwealth Games Village. The children were extremely excited about seeing the track they would be competing on in a race that could transform their entire future. The members of team Dabur then took the stage and shared the vision behind ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ as well as their experience with the journey so far. This was followed by a mentoring session for the shortlisted participants and their parents with renowned athlete and Arjuna award winner Ashwini Nachappa. The children were enraptured by her words as she shared with them her incredible experiences, which included defeating P T Usha twice, as well as advice on how to prepare for the final race the very next day.

The final day of the event witnessed the unforgiving Delhi heat, with the sun beating down heavily on everyone present. The competition was officially declared open after an inauguration ceremony with Ashwini Nachappa and the Dabur team. There were a total of 6 categories, 400m, 1000m and 2000 for both boys and girls. A total of three medals, gold, silver and bronze, were awarded to the first, second and third position holder in each category. Each participant also received a certificate of participation in recognition of their talent and the hard work they displayed.

Shabnam Shokeen (400m), Avni Ravat (1000m) and Ujala (2000m) emerged as the deserving champions from the girls’ categories while Jainabaj Hussain (400m), Vikas (1000m) and Mohammed Meraj (2000m) took home the gold medals in the boys’ categories. These deserving champions will soon head to the prestigious Aswini Sports Foundation in Karnataka to train and mold their talent with the goal of becoming representatives of Indian athletics on international platforms in the future.

The event was such a tremendous success that it has given Dabur reason to consider making ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ an annual initiative as a part of its CSR activities.


Promotional Activities

  • Live updates accompanied with images from the event were posted on Facebook on both days of the ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ initiative



  • • Live tweeting was also done from the venue of the ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ initiative constantly though the course of the two day event


  • Actor Ajay Devgan tweeted from his personal twitter handle about ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’
  • Athlete Ashwini Nachappa also tweeted multiple times from her twitter handle about ‘Ab Daudega Hindustan’ on both the days